What is eLearning

Information and communications technologies (ICT) have enabled new, rather broad possibilities of use, not only in many domains of everyday life but also in the field of education. The modern learning forms and procedures, as well as the speed and multimedia of ICT have enabled the inception of learning systems which have not only become a trend, but also a social phenomenon.

When talking about eLearning we must first state a fact; there are many definitions and differing views of its essence and possibilities. Some emphasize the aspect of “learning with the help of a computer”, while others define eLearning as “education via the Internet”. Regardless of how you define eLearning, everyone agrees that it creates new possibilities to make education and self-education more effective, less expensive, and more independent.

We think of eLearning as an education model and process that uses ICT to design courses, distribute study matters and tests, and enable communication between students and educators. Not only that, but E-learning is a tangible “library” of multimedia learning systems that contain an extremely broad range of topics and information.

It is no coincidence that our company decided to enter this field of business with our own product - KvinElearning - whose name alone suggests enough. In our opinion, KvinElearning offers a complex education system with a modern platform for entering and sharing education themes, with the possibility of both self and group education. KvinElearning presents a new independent form of education which can be tailored to the individual needs and specifications of users (e.g. chosen topic, knowledge, experience, workload, etc.). KvinElearning also has a sophisticated system to test knowledge and evaluate the learning process according to predetermined standards (e.g. gained knowledge, ability to use information, etc.).


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