FAQ - frequently asked questions

What is the principle behind the courses? Is it essential to define difficult information structures, questions, and answers?

It is not really that important! Anyone who is able to use PowerPoint can set up a course in the KvinElearning system. In addition, there is only one possibility for a screen bounce, a so-called outstanding bounce, which is used for testing questions during the education process.

How do you ensure the courses content is secure?

Security of the author’s content is provided thanks to special technology which makes it possible to find and prove any abuse to the system.

I want to create my own course. How long will it take?

That is difficult to answer. The proper length is between 20-30 minutes however, if there is a lot of information we suggest you divide it into more lectures.

Can I interrupt study in-process?

Yes, at any point in time. The next time you access the course you will be asked if you want to continue from where you left off or if you want to start from the beginning.

What happens if a student answers incorrectly?

Nothing, the next page will show the right answer. The second alternative is that another page will be inserted and the answer to the question will be explained.

Why are courses available only on the Internet and not on CD or DVD?

There are many education programs on CD and DVD. The KvinElearning system provides a free platform for sharing courses of any type; it is not a system for making one integrated course. The main advantage is that there is no need for installation because the only thing users need is an Internet browser.

Do students need to know how to use any special programs?

The course participant does not need to have any special computer skills, basic Internet skills will suffice.

How can I tell if a student is working actively?

The KvinElearning system includes a mechanism that logs every user’s activity. It is possible to set courses and tests so that there is an automatic evaluation of how much time is spent with every slide or question. Using heuristic analyses it is also possible to analyze the probability of an active or passive approach to education.


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