Company and KvinElearning

The education system KvinElearning comes out from education system-proved with the aid of modern methods and technologies. This product does not propose to experiment and make up with new methods; on the contrary it tries to come out from didactics rules and experiences of thousands students and users, who successfully took advantage of this form of education.

The education system KvinElearning offers these advantages:

  • Time saving – KvinElearning saves your employee a free-time. They can study whenever and wherever they want; everywhere they can use their internet connection. They pay the subject matter so much time as they need, they can use their own rate, course type and form. They can also revise and check their gained knowledge.
  • Cost saving – KvinElearning provable saves financial charges expends for employee education. Instead of expensive lectures and seminars your employee can study by themselves.
  • Combination of education forms- KvinElearning brings wide offer of different forms of education, e.g. multimedial lectures, combination of text interpretation with graphic data a schemes, videos sequences and electronic tests.
  • Language flexibility- Users background of KvinElearning system can be realized in different language mutation, e.g. in English or German. It is able to adapt oneself native or preferred tongue.
  • Possibility of education’s evaluation- Every student in KvinElearning system is evaluated according to the same, highly objective rules. Tests are automatically evaluated so there is instant feedback for student. On the top of that system makes out certificate after successfully passed course.
  • Administration simplicity – KvinElearning can be organized and preceded with minimum requirement of experiences of entrusted employee – HR specialist, leader manager, etc. Content flexibility-KvinElearning is collection of education systems and tests applications, whose content can be defined and updated according to customers requirements by using own human resources.
  • Corporation flexibility- KvinElearning can be adapted to user’s needs –companies and institutions (e. g. corporate form of users interfaces, choice of displayed advertisement, etc.).
  • System compatibility- KvinElearning is able to integrate with all common information used in commercial companies, non-profit organisations as well as in public administration.
  • Ability of monitoring - KvinElearning brings possibilities to check and evaluate if the employee studies active or passive (pretended).

Technical specifics

  • KvinElearning is so called ASP application that operates via internet for more customers. Access to applications is possible through random internet connection.
  • Application KvinElearning is also possible to install in-house e.g. within company internet, PC network or particular PC station.
  • Data backup are automatically provided in KvinElearning system.
  • All actions in KvinElearning system are written in logo, so that all required information is easy to find (e.g. student’s name, theme of the course, time of beginning and finishing).
  • System accessibility is monitoring 24 hours, 7 days a week thanks to KvinMonitor product. To every potential problem there is possible a pro-active answer.


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