I and KvinElearning

The education system KvinElearning comes out from education system-proved with the aid of modern methods and technologies. This product does not propose to experiment and make up with new methods; on the contrary it tries to come out from didactics rules and experiences of thousands students and users, who successfully took advantage of this form of education.

The education system KvinElearning offers these advantages:

  • Independence - KvinElearning offers themes and possibilities of learning, their choice is only up to you. You do not have to study subjects you are not interested in. You study only what is important for you or your professional growth.
  • Time saving – KvinElearning saves your free-time. You can study whenever and wherever you want, everywhere you can use your internet connection, e.g. with the aid of notebook in mass transportation, at the weekend on your cottage, etc. You pass your courses according to your own needs. You pay the subject matter so much time as you need, you can use your own rate, course type and form. You can also revise and check your gained knowledge.
  • Cost saving – KvinElearning provable saves you financial charges expends for self-education. Instead of expensive lectures and seminars you can study at home or in your office. Combination of education forms- KvinElearning brings wide offer of different forms of education, e.g. multimedial lectures, combination of text’s interpretation with graphic’s data a schemes, videos sequences and electronic tests.
  • Language flexibility - Users background of KvinElearning system can be realized in different language mutation, e.g. in English or German. It is able to adapt oneself native or preferred tongue.
  • Possibility of education’s evaluation - Every student in KvinElearning system is evaluated according to the same, highly objective rules. Tests are automatically evaluated so there is instant feedback for student. On the top of that system makes out certificate after successfully passed course.

KvinElearning has its own specifics, not only it is a classic electronic course, which is possible to buy, e.g. off-line multimedial carriers, but it is on-line system operating via internet.

A part of courses can be also interaction between a teacher and a student. This communication can be either private correspondence or public conversation. It can be done online (via chat) or offline (via outlook post).


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