Possibilities of utilisation

  • Within the frame of KvinElearning product we offer tutorial creation in compliance with setting at required level of entrance or leaving knowledge. You can gain a complex package of training programme exactly that suits to your requirements.
  • Customer can create other bills for single users within the frame of company’s computer network and assign them defined roles (student, teacher, manager of the course).
  • HR manager can send notice to chosen student (employee) via e-mail with link straight to the course without need of student login. For students system is very user friendly.
  • The course is tailored for inner needs, but also in open form for non-defined general utilization of any eLearning web user.
  • The course is not only defined by theme or domain, but also by study level. Every course can be divided into random numbers of lectures.
  • By the course is possible to set a form of navigation- e.g. under what conditions student can get to following information, if there is possibility to come back previous information, etc.
  • It is possible to insert questions which can branch out its content. In the case of a wrong answer onto a control question will be e.g. assigned issue explained again.
  • Into the course you can not only insert texts, but also HTML files, static or dynamic visualisation (pictures, audio files or video projection). As well it is possible to insert into reference onto random www page.
  • Every test can contain random numbers of predefined questions each of which has its own point value. It is possible to define, how many questions will be chosen for using in certain test or by the certain student.
  • Every question can have random numbers of correct or false answers. On the top of that, we can define how many correct answers should be used in testing and how many answers should be chosen for offer.


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